Look Out! . . . For what may slip through the cracks

As an active owner of two businesses, I am all too aware of the demands on an owner’s time.  When there are more tasks than can be done in the time allotted we have to be experts at prioritization.

As a lawyer, my priority is my clients’ needs and demands.  Your business has its own unique focus.  A common theme of what slips away from many businesses is the “pesky paperwork” and deadlines.

If your business has a trusty bookkeeper or accountant then tax filing deadlines are likely handled smoothly.  If your business works with a trusty lawyer then annual renewals for your company and other filings may be delegated.

For so many businesses these deadlines and tasks are not delegated but fall to the owner to make sure it gets done.  Even those that are delegated need a periodic review and understanding by the owner.

As the season changes, it is a good time to think about what deadlines are upcoming.  Are they on your calendaring system?  (Do you have a calendaring system for reminders?)  Is someone tasked to handle them?  Do you have what you need to handle them?

So take a minute and shuffle through that stack of papers on your desk.  You just may have an important notice to file your company report with the Secretary of State or to submit a periodic tax filing.  By timely addressing these matters yourself, you can avoid many problems which save time, expense and a trip to an expert.

Happy organizing!

Please note – The information provided is not legal advice, accounting advice, financial advice, et cetera, but rather a starting point to consider legal and other planning issues in your business or personal life. You should consult the appropriate professional to discuss your situation.