A step towards knowledge is
a step towards success.

Armstrong Law Offices LLC believes that to support excellence in business we must provide more than quality legal service – we seek to provide resources for small to mid-sized businesses beyond just their legal needs. For more resources, please see [F.Y.I. Link], the Armstrong Law Office blog platform.

Armstrong Law Offices LLC offers a lending library of business books to our clients.

Armstrong Law Offices LLC is pleased to provide links and suggestions for resources to develop and grow your business. Please note the links below are to web-sites not maintained or regularly monitored by Armstrong Law Offices LLC. Government web-sites and other business pages provide a point of reference; however, you should always consult your own legal advisor to discuss your unique situation. The Internal Revenue Service provides a wealth of information, including a business section with information geared towards businesses from start-up to maturity. The State of Indiana web-site is one every business owner in Indiana, or doing business in Indiana, should be familiar with.   From the start-up guide to important information on workers compensation, taxation and other regulations you can find it all on-line. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office web-site has information for more than just technology companies. If your small business is using a name, logo or other designation, you need to search to make sure it is not otherwise protected.   Even with all the information provided by the government, knowledgeable legal assistance in this area is important to avoid unnecessary risks to your business.