Practice Areas

Armstrong Law Offices LLC provides legal and practical advice to our clients on a variety of matters.

Strategic Advice

The attorney-client relationship is a partnership.  Clients share their ideas, goals, potential roadblocks and concerns.  As counsel to you, we take those considerations into account to collaborate with you to find the best course of action by balancing legal principals with traditional and creative options.  Ultimately, the client (fully informed) weights the risks and benefits for their right path. Candace works with her clients’ certified public accountants, financial advisors, and other stakeholders to ensure all bases are covered.

This means that we have the tough conversations about legal risks, but we also take into account the real needs of each client – round peg-square hole problems that need a solution.  These solutions are not always easy to find (or accept), but we work with our clients to find them while allowing you to make the ultimate decision.

Agricultural Law

Serving the legal needs of the agriculture industry requires an understanding of not just agriculture specific laws, but also business law, contracts, real estate, employment, strategic planning, succession planning and other legal areas.  Candace has experience in all these areas, including how they relate to farming operations, farmland and the agriculture industry. 

Services include all other practice areas, but with the considerations relevant to the agriculture industry.

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Business Services

Throughout the life of a business, your legal needs will change. Each entrepreneur and each business is unique and goes through many different stages. Armstrong Law Offices LLC is here to be a partner through each stage. From big businesses to growing entrepreneurs, Candace’s experience as a legal advisor and business owner provides a depth of resources and understanding of your business needs.

Services include: start-up formation, corporate governance, contract drafting and review, creating form contracts, website disclosures, liability releases, non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements, real estate services (leases, buy-sell property), representing investors, represent companies seeking investors, buying-selling business, succession planning for business, loan review, general strategic advice, and other services as requested.

Buying / Selling Businesses

Buying and selling a business (often referred to as M&A for mergers and acquisitions) is a business step you need to have experienced legal counsel in your corner.  As a buyer, it is critical to ensure you are purchasing a quality business, or you at least know where the downside is and compensation is adjusted accordingly.  You must protect yourself from purchasing a liability or other problems.  As a seller, you want to ensure that your business is in the best hands, that the transition is smooth, and that you receive appropriate compensation with limited risks.  You do not want to assume any legal or financial risk for operations after the sale.  We have handled transactions from small single owner companies to large multi-million-dollar transactions.  Legal services are tailored to each client’s legal needs.

Real Estate

Your land, your business location and your home are a vital asset.  When buying, selling, leasing, renting or contracting regarding any real property, you need qualified legal counsel looking out for your interest.  Real estate services can be provided “al la carte,” allowing the client choose the phase they need assistance during. 

Armstrong Law Offices LLC provides full real estate services weather personal, commercial or agricultural.  Strategic consultation is provided for bigger projects and long-term protection of real estate as an asset.  Drafting and review services include purchase agreements, deeds, leases, contracts of sale, self-financed documents, mortgages, rights of first refusal, options, solar contracts, wind contracts and any other document related to your land.  Whether the contract is complicated or routine, it is critical to ensure that you are fully protected.