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Welcome to Armstrong Law Offices LLC

Armstrong Law Offices LLC is dedicated to the success of small to mid-sized businesses, the entrepreneurs behind them and family enterprises.  Serving the legal needs from the budding entrepreneur to the well-established business, Candace D. Armstrong combines her experience as a business owner and long time business advisor, with a legal background of large business transactions at one of the top international law firms. Read more about our business representation.

Additionally, Armstrong Law Offices LLC represents individuals in creating, or reviewing, legal contracts and agreements. Whether the contract is complicated or routine, it is important to ensure you are protected to the fullest extent possible.

Estate planning services are essential to small business owners and Armstrong Law Offices LLC offers full-service estate planning advice and probate representation to Indiana clients. Candace personally meets with each client to understand their needs and wishes for the future and to fully explain options for proper estate planning. After the death of a loved one, Candace works with the family and personal representative for a smooth transition. Read more about our estate planning and probate representation.